Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

Here are some pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. I think one of my favorites is Hannah with her legs propped up and crossed on her sister's Dora couch. She got up and sat like that all on her own. She just loves that couch. She likes to walk, yes walk finally, into Sydney's room, pull the books off of her bottom shelf and climb up into that couch. I have my good friend Amanda to thank for her adorable dress. You did find the perfect Easter dress for Hannah! Thank you so much! And then my mom found Sydney's matching polka dots when we were all out shopping together with my grandma and aunts.

The Easter Bunny brought both of the girls sunglasses and as you can see they both thought that was very cool.
Hannah has a short attention span for pictures. We like to say that when Hannah is sweet, she is very very sweet and when she is mad, she is very very mad.