Thursday, February 18, 2010

Conversation with Hannah

On our way home from the Y last night Hannah was talking about what she did in the Kid Zone:
Hannah: I saw a baby.
Me: Was it a real baby?
Hannah: Yes.
Me: Was is a baby boy or baby girl?
Hannah: Baby boy.
Me: Was he a sweet baby boy?
Hannah: He smelled.
Me: Did he smell good or bad?
Hannah: He smelled...hmmm...weird.
Me & Sydney: Laughing
I guess that new baby smell doesn't really appeal to a 3 year old or maybe he did have a poopy diaper. It really cracked us up though, I don't know that I had ever heard Hannah use the term "weird" before.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I hope you were sitting down

It's true! It's an updated post...more than a year overdue. I wanted to post some pictures of our trip to Colorado over the Christmas break. We had so much fun with Corey's family. We had a little trouble getting there after a big snow storm hit Kansas City and Kansas State pretty hard. We ended up staying a night in Hays because they actually closed down I-70. Well it was closed until right after we checked into our hotel, if we would have kept driving we would have been fine. But we didn't know, and it's much better to be safe and warm in a hotel with an indoor pool than to chance being stuck on the highway in sub freezing temps.

I was so proud and thankful at how well Sydney took to skiing. We put her in ski lessons the first day at a place called Ski Cooper. It's a smaller place about 30 minutes from Beaver Creek and half the cost of lessons there. Syd was right at the pace I like to go when we skied at Beaver Creek the following two days...sticking to the Greens, taking on a easy Blue now and then. I think she will probably leave me in her snow spray next time we go. Which is fine with me, Sydney loved skiing and I'm glad that Corey has someone who can share his love for of it. I'll schedule myself a massage next time and meet them at the bottom of the slopes with hot cocoa and a beer. :)

Hannah loved spending her days with cousin Cullen, Grammy and Aunt Julie. We all met back at the end of each day to have dinner prepared by a different family each night and fun games afterward. There were 11 adults and 3 kids total in 3 different condos. The rooms were Candy and Terry's Christmas gift to all of us this year and what a wonderful gift it was. We will keep those memories with us for a long time.

We laughed until we cried playing games most nights and one particular night when we were playing Catch Phrase, guys against girls, it was down to the last clue and you knew it was the last clue 'cause the timer was beeping so fast. Corey was delivering the clues and not having much luck, "Another name for Big Foot, Big hairy monster, Hairy creature", he was getting some guesses but none were the one he needed. The girls thought we had this round in the bag then Andrew, who been in the bathroom, throws open the bathroom door with his pants half buttoned, yelling "Sasquatch! Sasquatch!", just as the buzzer went off. Needless to say the boys ended up winning that round, but we will take the loss for that one. It's a moment that will deliver side splitting laughter years to come...just at the word "Sasquatch!".