Sunday, October 5, 2008

P is for Pumpkins!

We took the girls to an Outdoor fall store this afternoon to pick out some pumpkins and other fall decorations. The girls had a lot of fun deciding on which ones would get to come home with us and be a part of the front porch fall extravaganza. Hannah really enjoyed her time there and the wagon ride throughout the place. She was crying for "mo' pun-kins" when we left.
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Where's Waldo?

This picture is funny for two reasons. The first is Hannah and the dress she wore to church this morning. This was one of Sydney's dresses and for some reason the dress is size 18-24 months but the hat is 6-12 months. It was never an issue with Sydney because she was not a big fan of hats. Hannah on the other hand, loves hats and insisted on wearing this too little for her hat to church this morning. Secondly, have you found Sydney? She sometimes has a little trouble sharing the spotlight and even though Corey tried to get a picture of Hannah alone... Sydney still somehow managed to get part of herself in the shot.
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Picture of the week

Corey look this pic this morning before church while the girls were eating breakfast. It's a favorite of mine now so I wanted to share.
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Z is for Zoo!

Friday Sydney had the day out for school so we used the afternoon to take some time off work and take the girls to the zoo. It was a great day to go, it wasn't too crowded, the weather couldn't have been better and because it was so nice all the animals were out too. Hannah loved feeding the giraffes...and Sydney liked it. The raccoons were very excited to see us and we thought it must be because somehow they knew Sydney's soccer team was called the Maroon Raccoons, but we found out that is was almost dinner time when we walked up and they probably thought we were there to bring food. The best part of the day was when we ran into a friend who I grew up with at church who now works at the zoo. She let the girls come right up to the fence of the deer and feed them a whole bag of carrots. We then got to go over to the Mountain Lion cage and Sydney got to pet a Mountain Lion. It was through the fence, she wasn't actually in the cage with them. They would rub up against the fence like a cat does against your leg and Sydney would put her hand right up against the fence to pet it as it walked by. Hannah didn't stick around for that part though. When the girls first got up close to the fence the male and female Mountain Lions had a few words with each other because the didn't want to share the attention. Hannah decided she didn't like that and quickly changed her mind about being that close to a big kitty kitty.
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