Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soggy Moon

Sunday night on our way home from a trip to the mall, dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and Wal-Mart, Hannah looked up and noticed the fog around the moon. “Look at the Soggy Moon!” she said. It took me a minute to realize what she was talking about until I look up in the sky and felt like I was looking at the moon without my contacts in. It was a blurred, distorted yellow blob in the sky. Corey had mentioned it was a foggy, cloudy night on our way out of Wal-Mart. Hannah must have heard him say foggy but instead of using that word she replaced it with soggy which is probably much more familiar in her vocabulary considering she has a bowl of Golden Grahams pretty much every morning for breakfast. It reminds me that children may not always hear exactly what we’re saying but they are listening.

Last week Hannah and I were on our way to get Sydney from school after work. We had already covered our normal how was your day/what did you do today routine and we were both quietly listening to the radio. About a year ago, I started listening to 88.3 The Wind most of the time we are in the car. It’s a Christian radio station that focuses on “clean air”…always positive, always uplifting as their slogan promotes, and it truly is. I have thought of it mostly as a way to ensure I don’t have to worry about depressing news or bad words while the girls are with me. (It seems our media is very focused on desensitizing us with what is now tolerated on TV and commercials all hours of the day.) I find myself listening to 88.3 Wind even when the girls are not with me. I love the music and I’m amazed how God works through this station to have the right song played just when I need to hear it. Back to last week when Hannah and I were on our way to get Sydney, the song “This Man” by Jeremy Camp came on, two lines in the chorus go, “Would you take the place of this man, Would you take the nails from His hands”, Hannah asks me, “Mommy is he talking about the nails in Jesus’ hands?” Wow! I listened to the song a little closer the next time it came on and nowhere in the lyrics does it mention Jesus by name. I may just be a proud and biased mom, but I was amazed that a 3 year old made that connection. It reminds me that our little ones are always listening, watching what we say and do and what we allow them to watch and hear. I’m thankful to have Hannah’s question from that song about Jesus as a reminder of how important it is to always be mindful of what I do and say.